What is SCRIP?

Scrip is one of OLPH’s major fundraisers. Scrip is OLPH’s 24/7, 365 days of the year fundraiser, simply done by managing your everyday purchases through our various fundraising programs. Our goal is to get 100% participation from our school families. The programs cost you nothing to participate and have a tremendous impact on the school.
Our programs are not limited to school families; you may enlist extended family, neighbors and friends and have rebates they generated credited to your account with some of our programs. You may also anonymously gift your rebates to another school family or back to the school.

Why use SCRIP?

In using various scrip programs, OLPH offers a tuition reduction incentive. Your first $50 of rebate goes to OLPH School. Our first and foremost purpose is to raise funds for the school. After your account has raised $50 in rebates, every dollar raised beyond that will be split 50/50 between you and the school. 
Tuition rebates are credited to the following year. Example: Money raised in the 2017-2018 year is credited to your 2018-2019 tuition obligation. Scrip is an easy way to support OLPH and help reduce your tuition obligation.




Register your debit and credit cards  with escrip and designate OLPH Scottsdale. Register at  Earn money back just by dining with participating restaurants.  See website for participating restaurants. No other work is needed! This program is part of the Tuition reduction program.

Reloadable Grocery Cards:

Purchase a AJs’/Basha’s reloadable gift cards from the Scrip office. Do your shopping. At the checkout PRIOR to ringing up your order, ask the cashier to load a dollar amount on to your reloadable card. Pay with your credit card (earn your points/miles) THEN ring up your groceries and pay with your reloadable card. Earn 6% back on your purchases. You may also reload your card at customer service. This program is part of the Tuition reduction program.

NEW Fry’s Community Rewards: Fry's Rewards Report Instructions

Link your Fry’s VIP card to OLPH School. Enroll your Fry’s VIP Card at 
OLPH School Fry’s Community Rewards Number: 80224
Your purchases will begin earning rewards for OLPH within 7 to 10 business days of registering your Fry’s VIP Card online.  Please check the bottom of your Fry’s receipt to ensure your designation shows up as OLPH School.
Fry’s donation to the school is based on TOTAL sales volume generated by our OLPH School Community, Friends, Family and Supporters. The “percentage” reward on sales volume is determined based on all organizations participating in the Fry’s Community Rewards program each quarter. Potential max reward is $50,000 per quarter! 
All OLPH families, extended families, Parishioners, Friends and OLPH supporters are eligible to enroll. This program is part of the Tuition reduction program.


Gift Card Program: 

The Gift Card Program is the #1 rebate generating fundraiser for Scrip! Scrip purchases gift cards at a discount which you then purchase for face value. The difference is rebates for our school. 
Example: OLPH buys a $100 Macy’s Card for $90.00.
You buy the $100 Macy’s Card for $100.00.
OLPH retains the difference of $10.00 as rebate*
Purchase Gift Cards from the Scrip Office. You can do this by stopping in during our business hours or by printing this order form and sending it with payment through your child’s backpack (home folder). Orders are processed daily. This program is part of the Tuition reduction program. 
Business expenditures, travel, home improvements & holiday shopping are just a few great ways to build rebates through the gift card program. 
Hundreds of cards are available for SPECIAL ORDER. The extended list of available cards can be found on or 3-5 business days are needed for special orders.

Shop Scrip from your Phone - Any Time, Any Place

The ShopWithScrip program allows you to purchase electronic Scrip and use right there in the store. Stores such as Nike, TJ Maxx, Lowe’s and Walmart allow you to purchase SCRIP on your smart phone and use moments later by allowing the cashier to scan the certificate on your phone.

Go to to register for an account. CODE: 83986CLC946L

Once you are registered, link your bank account using Presto Pay.  Then use the app MyScripWallet to purchase electronic Scrip in hundreds of stores, and scan gift cards from your phone. The ShopWithScrip program also allows you to reload some cards such as Coffee Bean, Safeway, Albertson’s and Target after first being purchased from our Scrip Office.


Scrip Order Form

Rosy Ring Candles

Frys Report Reward Instructions



The Scrip Office is open:
Tuesday and Friday 7:45a.m.-10:00a.m.
Thursday 1:45p.m.-3:15p.m.
Scrip orders can also be dropped off in the front office, to be filled at the next scheduled Scrip day and time noted above.
The Scrip Office number: 480- 874-3711.
Orders can also be sent directly to our email address at:
We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and American Express & Discover. Transactions fees apply for all credit card orders.
. Our office is located on OLPH campus in the school office
Or contact: All inquiries are directed to our personal accounts to provide a prompt response.