What is a Lector?                

“The reader, although a lay person, has a proper function in the Eucharistic celebration, which the reader should perform even when ministers of higher rank are present” (Pope Paul VI, New Order of Mass, #66). The lector carries the Lectionary in procession and proclaims the first two readings.  Some liturgists recommend that there be two lectors if possible - one for each reading.  A lector who prepares and proclaims the scriptures performs a full ministry.  Enthusiastic proclamation is a gift from God.  Let us humbly ask the Father of all good gifts to open our hearts to his Word, so that through our proclamation he will invite our sisters and brothers to celebration and song.

     Every lector is called to serve as Jesus did.  Lectors become servant proclaimers when they are willing to make the transition from good readers to faith-filled proclaimers. The servant proclaimer makes the commitment to prepare the readings adequately.  Every minister must be willing to follow in Jesus’ footsteps.  No one can minister on his or her own terms.  Ministry is possible only through personal transformation precisely as the Lord has planned that transformation for each of us.

     Jesus is not easily discouraged.  He is fascinated by your potential.  Like clay in the hands of a potter, he will fashion you into his proclaimer.  How and when that transformation is accomplished is his to decide.  To be a proclaimer, you must first hear the Word in the silence of your heart.  Jesus seeks for a way to touch you with his healing word.  Then you will be empowered to proclaim a message that heals, a message that brings hope to your parish

The Proclaimer’s Prayer

Praise to you, Lord God,
king of the universe,
and all glory to your name.
I praise you and thank you for calling me
to proclaim your Word to your beloved people.
Open the hearts of all who worship with me,
so that they may hear your voice when I read.
Let nothing in my life or manner disturb your people
or close their hearts to the action of your Spirit.
Cleanse my heart and mind,
and open my lips so that I may proclaim your glory.
All praise to you, heavenly Father,
through the Lord Jesus
in the Holy Spirit,
now and for ever.  AMEN!





For more information on becoming a Lector

please contact

Fr. Greg Menegay


There are a few  requirements to be a lector in any church.  Here at Our Lady of Perpetual Help we ask those people who wish to minister as a lector to meet the following requirements:

1)  Be a Catholic (in good standing) who has received all the sacraments of initiation: Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist.

2)  Be a registered member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic Parish.

3) Be a person who exhibits good proclaiming and reading skills and improve on these skills through education and practice.

4) Complete the initial "MINISTRY AS SERVICE" and Safe Environment sessions before participating in Lector formation sessions.

5) Attend all  “on-going” formation workshops or days of prayer for liturgical ministers.

6)  Be accountable to the lector schedule and prepared for the Sunday Readings through participation in lector meetings.



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