Music Ministry

Not Here to Perform, but to Serve & Lead


Yes, my friends, how can we keep from singing?  This is an opportunity to express outwardly the union in spirit by means of the unity of all of our voices.  Our music ministers are here for the purpose of assisting God’s holy people to give thanks and praise.  The elements, forms, and styles of music are created and molded depending upon the liturgical context of the celebration.  Music ministers are not here to “perform,” but to celebrate God’s reign in our world ~ to make a joyful noise to the Lord and hopefully to inspire you to join them.

Father Eugene Walsh wrote:

“The full symbol of the word of God proclaimed in the midst of the parish Sunday assembly is the assembly itself, sharing the living word of God alive in voice and song."  


The magnificent Psalms of David exhort us all to participate fully:

  • Psalm 71 - "I will sing of your salvation."
  • Psalm 145 - "I will praise your name, my King and my God."


We urge everyone to come to the table of the Lord

and participate fully through prayer and song!



Come and Join the Music Ministry 


as we prepare for the upcoming season!


ACCOMPANIST. We need experienced Pianists and Organists to accompany the Adult, Children & Youth Choirs as well as the cantors at Mass.

CANTOR. Are you an experienced soloist? Join the ranks of the OLPH cantors. This very important person leads the congregation in song at Mass, proclaims the Responsorial Psalm and helps enliven all of us to participate fully in the Liturgy. Some extra rehearsals and membership in at least one choir are required.

CHOIR MEMBER:  SATB Choir (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) provides opportunties to share your gift while singing and blending your voices together to the praise and glory of God. 

INSTRUMENTALIST. Attention Brass, Woodwinds, String players! Some special seasonal music is planned for this year. Come and lend your talent to make these celebrations magnificently excellent!

Rehearsals are Wednesdays at 7:00pm.




For Information regarding Music Ministry please contact Jaime Cortez


There are a few requirements in order to be a Music Minister at Our Lady of Perpetual Help. These are:


1) To be a registered member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and attend the intial "MINISTRY AS SERVICE" and Safe Environment sessions.

2) To have some experience in music ministry whether singing or playing an instrument and are willing to work with others to improve your God given talent.

3) To participate in scheduled rehearsals.

4) To participate in the liturgical formation offered at Our Lady of Perpetual Help throughout the year.



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