Greeters & Ushers

Ministers of Hospitality

A Ministry of Joy and Care

This ministry of hospitality can also be understood as a ministry of joy.  The Greeters & Ushers invite everyone who gathers to enter into the joy of the Lord.  This means, of course, that the Greeters & Ushers must be in touch with that joy themselves.  That is easier on some days than on others.  On some Sundays, we may have to push ourselves to manifest the joy of Christ; but when we do that, we benefit as much as those whom we greet.

The conversation between an arriving worshiper and a Greeter or Usher is often very brief, especially as the time for worship nears and the number of people arriving increases.  But brief does not have to mean superficial.

If you see someone whose spouse is ill, you might ask how he or she is doing.  If you greet someone who is out of work, you might inquire how he or she is holding up.  If you welcome someone who has recently lost a loved one, offering a word of sympathy may be very appropriate.  If you greet someone whose child is away at school, you might ask if the parents have heard from the child and how he or she is doing. 

In other words, what is most appropriate is the kind of conversation that says: “I care about you and your loved ones.”  This kind of conversation makes evident the love of Christ that binds us to one another.  It is much more powerful than idle talk about sports or the weather.

Greeters & Ushers Duties: Before People Arrive

The work of the Minister of Hospitality begins even before the assembly starts to gather for worship.  Good hospitality requires attention to the physical space into which people will be welcomed. 

A Welcoming Place

When you know that visitors are coming to your house, you pick up and put away and dust and vacuum so that your guests will enjoy their visit.  Although Greeters & Ushers usually are not responsible for dusting and vacuuming, picking up and putting things that clutter the gathering space or the worship space is often needed.

A Ministry of Hospitality

The role of the Greeter & Usher is a crucial ministry for the worshiping community.  Those who serve in these capacities have the potential to add greatly to the experience of worship for all who gather.  Like the Good Shepherd, they reveal God’s love in our midst and help us become more aware of that love.  May the Good Shepherd give them strength and wisdom as they serve the flock in his name.

There are a few prerequisites for being a Greeter & Usher at Our Lady of Perpetual Help.  They are:

1)  Be a registered member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

2)  Attend the intial "MINISTRY AS SERVICE" and Safe Environment sessions before participating in the Usher instruction session.

2)  Be a baptized and confirmed member of the Catholic Church who is receiving communion regularly on Sundays.

3) Be a reliable person who is able to be accountable for his or her responsibilities.

4) Be a friendly and outgoing person who has a welcoming presence.

5)  Be a person who is adaptable and able to think at a moment's notice for any changes that present themselves during a Sunday Eucharistic celebration.


For more information about becoming a Greeter, please contact

Sandy Thackwell 

(928) 595-4141

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