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Sold on the 3rd weekend of the each month at Mass


Café Justo is a coffee grower cooperative based in Salvador Urbina, Chiapas, Mexico. We market a pure, organic coffee which is grown, harvested and marketed in the spirit of justice. Our goal is to provide incentives for people to remain on their family lands.Our business model is simple and optimizes the profit for the growers. The coffee is harvested, cleaned and prepared for shipping in Salvador Urbina, Chiapas. The beans are then transported to Agua Prieta, Sonora. In Agua Prieta the coffee is roasted, ground and packaged for shipment to our customers.


  • Deliver the highest quality, organic, environmentally conscious, fresh roasted coffee to our customers at a price that is fair and just. 
  • Work to create a bond between the members of the coffee growing community in Salvador Urbina and our customers throughout the world.


Café Justo began as a means to provide living opportunities to the coffee growers of Salvador Urbina. Our mission is to provide the training and resources necessary for farmers to create and maintain a sustainable, small-scale, international coffee company. Thereby shifting the profits from large, international companies to the members of the Salvador Urbina cooperative. The corporate goal is to create a sustainable, local business which employs members of the community in the agricultural, production and management/administrative roles.


The financial benefits of Café Justo are significant when compared to Fair Trade coffee or local purchases. For this reason we are able to easily see the impact this business has on migration. The value of this business to residents of Salvador Urbina is clear.

Your coffee purchase is having a direct and dramatic effect on this community. The cooperative members and community are putting aside their differences to provide an excellent, chemical free, environmentally friendly product and business that focuses on just relationships!

What is Café Justo at OLPH?  Café Justo is a new ministry at OLPH which is part of the Mission Outreach Committee of the parish.  This ministry is designed to keep farmers and coffee roasters in Mexico employed!  We will be selling coffee on the 3rd weekend of the each month.

What is Fair Trade Coffee?  The Fair Trade philosophy is to guarantee that small coffee farmers around the world get a fair price for their coffee harvest so that they can make a living wage.  The Fair Trade movement works to guarantee farmers who are organized in cooperatives around the world a living wage, much needed and affordable credit, and long term relationships with distributors and consumers.

What is Café Justo?  Café Justo is a grower cooperative located in Salvador Urbina, Chaipas, Mexico.  It was formed to help families stay together, to not be broken up by some members having to immigrate to make an adequate living for their families “back home.”  This is one of the root causes of labor migration to the states.  The ultimate goal of Café Justo is to develop a company completely owned by Chiapans that will  provide an opportunity for local families to stay together and remain on their family lands.  In the Fair Trade Plus model, a roasting facility has been established in Agua Prieta, Mexico as much of the profit in coffee comes from the roasting.  This means more jobs and more of the profit stays with the families.

What can I do to help?  The first thing that you can do to help is buy coffee!  This is great coffee! Buy some for you, for your family or for your friends.  Spread the message.  Want to do more to help?  We can use volunteers to help sell coffee after Masses each month.                                                                                                               

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