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Thank you for your interest in registering at our parish.  What are you looking for from Our Lady of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic Parish?


· To grow closer to God? · To meet more of your fellow parishioners?


· To have an opportunity to make a difference? · To know that you belong here?


Our parish offers you a chance to do all of this and much more.  What we ask is that our parishioners commit themselves to Stewardship.  Some people may think that stewardship is all about money.  In reality, stewardship is all about how we show our love and gratitude to God.  Stewardship is how we use the many gifts that God has given to us.  Stewardship is how we deepen our relationship with Our Lord and with one another.

Stewardship can help you find what you are looking for in our parish.  When the first disciples began to follow Jesus, our Lord turned and asked them, “What are you looking for?” Jesus then invited them, “Come, and see.”  (John 1:37, 39)  In the same way, our parish invites you to “Come and See” our parish.  Each of us is called to offer our gifts to support God’s work here on earth.  There is work for all of us to do.  Today I invite you to begin your discernment in becoming a full, active, participating member of our parish community by responding with a grateful and loving heart and be a part of that work at our parish.

· If you can spend a little more time in prayer, Mass attendance, or other spiritual activities, you will grow closer to God.

· If you can be involved in any of our many parish activities and ministries, you will meet more of your fellow parishioners.

· If you can share more of your financial gifts to support God’s work that happens in our parish, you will make a difference.

· If you can invest more of your time, talent, and treasure in any way in our parish, you will feel more connected to all that we do and you will know that you belong here. 

Answering the stewardship invitation is easy.  Please join us on Sundays or during the week to discern whether Our Lady of Perpetual Help Roman Catholic Parish is where you wish to give a little of yourself while, at the same time, finding what you are looking for in a parish.  I thank God for your interest in our parish community and I pray for His continued blessings upon you.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Gregory Schlarb


P.S.  Please respond!  Find out more about our parish and what you are looking for!  
Call (480) 947-4331 for additional information.




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