Altar Servers


Young people have been serving Mass from the earliest centuries.  They have helped to get things ready:  assisting the priest with vestments, lighting candles, carrying the books used at Mass, and preparing the altar.  Of utmost importance, however is not really the things they do but the example they give.

More than anything else, the server is a prayer leader.  Servers help people to pray.  So, servers must ask themselves, “What is prayer?”

To begin with, prayer is listening, listening to God.  During the Mass, there’s much to be listened to.  There’s music, the prayers, the responses, and especially there are the words of Scripture.  All the things servers do during Mass cannot be a distraction to their listening.  Remember, the server is part of the celebration. 



The server is not like a waiter in a restaurant who stands off to the side and only helps out occasionally.  A waiter is not usually part of the dinner celebration, but the server is - the server is a part of the celebration, listening all the time.  This is one way you pray: by listening.

Another part of prayer is, of course, responding.  At Mass, the community responds in prayer and song.  In our prayers and songs, praise and thanks are given to God for all the great things He has done.  So, unless you are doing something that makes it impossible, you should be praying and singing whenever it is called for.

People will see you participating through your listening, praying, and singing.  This will help them feel more comfortable about praying and singing themselves.  This is your first leadership job: to be a prayer leader.


There are people counting on you.  First, the priest depends on you.  He needs to know that you will be there on time.  He needs to know that you are prepared.  You help him a great deal to ensure that things go smoothly.  Also, remember that the congregation counts on you.  Without you, an important part of prayer leadership is missing.  Without you, things can get sloppy.  And no celebration of the Mass, or any prayer event, should be sloppy.  A good server keeps things going smoothly. 

Remember, be responsible.  And be calm.  You have been called to serve.  Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish is grateful that you have responded to this call with a real sense of dedication to service.







For more information about Altar Serving contact Fr. Greg Menegay

(480) 874-3702

There are a few things you need to do in order to be an altar server at OLPH.

1) A baptized member of the Catholic Church.

2)  Received your First Communion and Confirmation  and  receive Communion regularly at Sunday Mass.

3)  Registered members of OLPH Roman Catholic Parish.

4) Be  RESPONSIBLE.  That means you need to show up 20 minutes before Mass when you are scheduled to serve.

5) Participate in the initial server training process and in the ongoing formation of the altar servers.

6) Sign an agreement with your parents that you will do your best to be responsible and reverent as an altar server of OLPH Roman Catholic Parish.






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