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The church does not put Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter into a box marked “secular” and then put Advent, Christmas, Lent, Triduum, and Easter into a box marked “sacred.”  In every time of the year, the church celebrates the mystery of Christ, the Pascal Mystery.  Every moment is sacred.  Seasonal decorations help set the mood for the liturgy.  Preparing these decorations is good and necessary work.  Anyone with a love of bringing ideas into physical form can help with this important ministry.  Come bring your talent and the Holy Spirit will teach us how to put it to good use to bless the whole community.

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For more information about assisting with Liturgical

Art & Environment

please conact Julie Berkel

(480) 947-4331.

There are a few requirements in order to be an Art and Environment Team member at Our Lady of Perpetual Help. These are:

1)  To be a registered member of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and complete the "MINISTRY AS SERVICE" and Safe Environment sessions.

2)  To have some talent in design, liturgy or art and environment and are willing to work with others to improve your God given talent.

3)  To assist in the major liturgical environment changes throughout the year.

4) To participate in the liturgical formation offered at Our Lady of Perpetual Help throughout the year.



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